Express Executive Search

MANAGERIM provides its clients with a rapid action force

We intervene when a strategic position is vacant within your company and when the delays of traditional recruitment processes seem far too long or uncertain with regard to the urgency of your need.

Our positioning: fast-track recruitment of executives, managers or experts

We have observed that traditional recruitment methods are not always adapted to attract and recruit rare or highly sought-after profiles.

We offer a new approach to executive search for middle-up and top management positions based on a shortened methodology and process to meet the time constraints of your urgent and strategic recruitments.

We have combined the expertise of Executive Search with our interim management skills developed by our teams to identify and mobilize the best candidate profiles in a very reactive manner.

The benefits for our clients:

  • Speed of recruitment
  • Functional and sectoral expertise developed "in the field" by our partners and recruitment managers
  • Targeted search in your business sectors of activity
  • Activation of our national and international network of candidates
  • The strength of our community of executives, interim managers and experts, which we use to identify relevant candidates in complete confidentiality
  • The mobilization of our innovative sourcing and recruitment tools (at the heart of our constant efforts to innovate and digitalize our relationship with candidates).
  • The sometimes immediate availability of executives or managers within our community

Please to be noted:

  • We can of course immediately provide you with an interim manager (in just a few days) in a “relay management” approach until the future position owner is recruited.
  • We can also start the contractual relationship with an interim assignment of a few months with a future position holder who would have an interim manager profile specifically selected for its relevance and its openness in principle to a permanent contract at the end of a successful targeted interim assignment if all the conditions are met / the lights are green for all parties.
  • Indeed, some managers in our pool of interim managers may be ready to seize opportunities for longer-term and professional challenges and permanent positions and to commit to a an undetermined duration.

"It is the interest of the position that guides their choice, not the contractual conditions".

The MANAGERIM approach to Urgent Recruitment / Express Executive Search

In-Depth Analysis of the Position

with our client: Responsibilities, challenges, level of experience and managerial, technical and relational skills required, location, corporate culture, compensation and benefits

Identification and Reactive Qualification

of candidates (within 1 to 2 weeks): Activating our community of managers and networks, in-depth interviews of identified candidates with our team, reference checks and personality tests

Presentation of Validated Candidates

to the client and selection of the future position holder

Remuneration of MANAGERIM

on the basis of a success model: no risk for our clients; commission of 25% of the total annual remuneration package of the hired candidate at the signature of the employment contract

Follow-Up of the Integration / On-Boarding

of the recruited candidate by one of our partners

  • Are you urgently looking for a rare or highly sought-after executive or manager profile for a permanent position? a key position has been vacant for too long?
  • Do you want to speed up the recruitment process of a manager or executive?
  • Are you facing a managerial emergency?


Do not hesitate to entrust us with your urgent recruitment needs for rare profiles or if you estimate that the traditional methods of Excecutive Search are not fast enough in view of the urgency of the need!

Our team is at your disposal and will be happy to support you in the recruitment of your future talents.