Temporary Replacement of a Senior Manager


To face a managerial emergency and ensure a safe transition following the absence of one of your managers in a key position

What is a managerial emergency?

A sudden vacancy in a position whether temporary or permanent, for whatever reason (sick leave, long-term leave, transfer, resignation, dismissal, etc.) can sometimes affect the balance of an organization, destabilize a team and jeopardize the success of a project in progress or the performance of an entity. The urgency is even greater if the position is strategic: CEO, CFO or project manager for example...

MANAGERIM offers a rapid reaction force and intervenes in such managerial emergencies to serenely manage the transition, get out of turbulence zones, minimize risks and provide expertise and a fresh external viewpoint to trigger a new team and performance dynamic.

What is “Relay Management” provided by MANAGERIM?

MANAGERIM deploys a management relay solution consisting in mobilizing "on short notice" an interim manager (called "relay manager") to temporarily replace the absent manager while waiting for his return or the effective recruitment of his successor.

This solution avoids leaving the position vacant, secures the situation by ensuring continuity of team management and avoids rushing the recruitment of the future position holder.

MANAGERIM identifies and mobilizes in a very reactive approach the relevant interim manager within its community of interim managers, the most adapted to your challenges, your sector and your corporate culture, to manage the situation and stabilize a function or a department.

Expert in the function concerned, he/she will assume all the roles and responsibilities of the replaced manager. The interim manager is selected for his managerial skills and his ability to support the company's transformation. He contributes to the development of the team's skills and ensures the transmission of his knowledge.

Rapidly adaptable, agile and experienced in this type of situation, the relay manager’s priority is to ensure continuity of activity and local management in the field and to lead the required change.

The relay manager has strong interpersonal and listening skills and will ensure the motivation and mobilization of the teams in place.

The relay manager is immediately operational and carries out a “flash” assessment of the challenges from the first days of the intervention based on his/her analyses and his interactions with the team. Very rapidly, in agreement with the company's management, he/she implements an actions plan targeting high-impact improvement priorities.

The interim manager thus brings his or her expertise (functional and/or sectoral) and a fresh perspective to go well beyond a simple replacement and to make practices evolve, by proposing and implementing measurable methods of performance improvement, thus generating high added value for the position or the department concerned.

The interim manager can also (if the client wishes) contribute to the recruitment process of the future position holder.

At the end of the assignment, he/she will ensure the quality of the handover with the future position holder in order to secure the achievements and continue the performance improvement actions over the long term.

On average, an interim management mission lasts between 5 to 9 months until the final handover between the interim manager and the future position holder

Why should you contact MANAGERIM to handle a relay management?

Our partners and our recruiters and talent managers have all developed a strong expertise in interim management situations and are available to analyze your specific contexts and challenges.

Together, we will define the specifications of the interim management to be provided and will ensure that we integrate the priority issues to be addressed.

On this basis, our teams will deploy, in a reactive manner, a proven MANAGERIM methodology to identify and mobilize, within our vast community of interim managers, the best suited transition manager to your situation and your challenges, immediately available and operational.

The interim managers we propose have all the assets necessary for the success of our assignments: experience in the position and/or sector, leadership and management qualities, strong human and relational skills, ability to adapt and make informed decisions, preference for field work ...

Throughout their assignments, our interim managers are supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

MANAGERIM intervenes on all the positions of the company: general management, finance, human resources, information systems, industrial operations, production, supply chain, logistics, purchasing, payroll management, legal…

  • Are you faced with the sudden absence of a manager in a key position?
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