Construction, Public Works, Infrastructure

Interim Management in the Construction, Public Works, Infrastructure Sector

MANAGERIM provides you with interim managers who are experts in the building, construction, public works and infrastructure sectors to help you meet your transformation challenges


This sector covers the design, construction and renovation of buildings (public and private, industrial or not) and infrastructures (roads, tunnels, networks, pipes, engineering structures, bridges, dams, airport runways, etc.).

In the context of the end of the Covid health crisis which had paralyzed part of the sector, and in an uncertain economic situation, new challenges have arisen:

  • Rising cost of materials and supply chain tensions
  • Reducing the carbon footprint
  • Implementation of new regulations, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Environmental Regulation 2020 (ER2020)
  • Adoption of new technologies such as BIM ('Building information modeling')
  • Difficulties of recruitment on sites

Companies in the sector are accelerating their transformation to strengthen their competitiveness and conquer new geographic markets. They must notably:

  • Continuously strengthen their capacity to manage complex projects and the monitoring and financial management of major projects
  • Pursue their transformation and innovation efforts
  • Accelerate the digital transformation of their tools, methods and processes across the entire chain
  • Stimulate continuous performance improvement to drive lower production costs
  • Rethink the supply chain and the management of relationships with partners
  • Boost human resources management, training and talent management and retention policies
  • Optimize the mobilization of resources (especially energy) and reduce the environmental impact of their activities

MANAGERIM, your interim management firm, expert in the construction, public works, infrastructure sectors

Our interim managers are experienced women and men, leaders and executives, with successful prior experience in leading transformation projects in the construction, public works and infrastructure sector.

They have developed a detailed knowledge of the processes and challenges of the different sectors of the Building and Public Works industry with multiple actors:

  • Engineering and design firms
  • Majors and tenors, general construction companies / specialized construction, structural works, civil engineering and public works…
  • Electrical Systems: high currents (lighting, connection and electrical distribution…) and low currents (communication networks, IT, telephony, alarms, fire safety, intrusion detection, building technical management, centralized technical management systems, etc.)
  • Climatic Systems: HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Fire Protection, Smoke extraction…

They accompany our customers, companies of all sizes, in a very operational way, for a temporary period (from 4 to 16 months) in :

  • emergency managerial situations:
    • temporary replacement of a manager (CEO, HRD, CFO, regional director, agency director, director of large complex projects such as PPP/DSP/design & build, director of works, quality, HSE, purchasing, supply chain, contract management, legal, sales, marketing, etc. )
    • occasional reinforcement of a team
    • crisis management
  • piloting a transformation project
  • steering performance improvement projects in the areas of finance, controlling, HR, IS (ERP implementation, etc.)
  • management of complex projects
  • reorganization, restructuring, turnaround, merger or acquisition (M&A) programs
  • specialized and specific expertise in:
    • Major Projects/Complex Projects
    • Quality and/or Health, Safety and Environment – QHSE / HSE
    • Maintenance and New Works
    • Technical aspects
    • R&D
    • Social relations management
    • CSR
    • Communication
    • Payroll and HRIS
    • Legal aspects
    • Digitalization
    • PMO
    • Big data, IoT, Smart Technologies, Communicating systems
    • Production / storage of renewable energy (wind, photovoltaic, geothermal, biomass, etc.)
    • Energy efficiency (industry and building)
    • Green Mobility,

Examples of functions held by our interim managers

Here are a few examples of the rapid and targeted provision of interim managers:

  • Interim Regional Manager for a leading HVAC company: interim management following a sick leave and management of a branch reorganization project
  • Interim Project Manager for a major construction company (design-build contract for a drinking water treatment plant)
  • Interim Construction Manager for a medium-sized company in the construction sector (construction of a university hospital)
  • Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a medium sized company in the construction sector: reorganization and management of a performance improvement project
  • Interim Contract Manager for a leader in construction services (major project/ metro line section)
  • Interim Manager of a Complex Project for a major construction company (railway line)
  • Interim Manager of a Major Project for a construction company (offshore wind farm)
  • Interim Human Resources Manager for the Business Unit of a leader in the construction industry: operational support in the context of the establishment of an Employment Protection Plan
  • Interim Payroll Manager in the context of a relay management and the deployment of a new HRIS (public works company)
  • Interim Legal Manager within the framework of a relay management (engineering company)
  • Interim CIO to manage a project to implement a new SAP ERP (leader in energy services)

  • Are you looking for an interim manager with a strong knowledge of the construction sector to temporarily replace a manager or lead a transformation project?
  • Call on our interim management firm MANAGERIM to rapidly mobilize the best interim manager profile


Our team is at your disposal and will rapidly mobilize the most adapted interim manager to your situation and your challenges.