Profils et Qualités des Managers les plus recherchés

What are the qualities required to be or become an interim manager at MANAGERIM?

We are convinced that the difference lies in the human factor.

Our interim managers are women and men selected as much for their expertise as for their interpersonal skills.

They are interim managers by choice and by conviction and are constantly developing their professional skills.

Here are some of the common characteristics and essential qualities of our interim managers:

  • solid experience in their areas of expertise
  • ability to adapt rapidly to new environments (developed through a wide range of experiences in different positions and assignments within different companies)
  • leadership and strong managerial and interpersonal skills
  • a profile that is empathic, reassuring and humble
  • a positive, dynamic and reactive approach
  • listening and communication skills
  • ability to rapidly analyze and synthesize information
  • informed decision-making skills
  • strong project management skills
  • a strong taste for operational and hands-on activities
  • proven ability to move lines, transform organizations and drive change
  • hard working and stress management skills
  • ability to take on challenges and a strong results orientation
  • availability and geographical mobility

What are the positions the most highly sought after in interim management?

To meet the needs of our clients and enrich our MANAGERIM community of interim managers, we are constantly looking for new talents in all positions in top and middle management in all sectors of activity, in particular:

  • Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / General Manager
  • Interim Business Unit Manager
  • Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Interim Project Manager
  • Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Interim Financial Controller
  • Interim Accounting Director
  • Interim Director of Treasury
  • Interim Human Resources Director (HRD)
  • Interim HRIS & Payroll Project Director
  • Interim Plant Manager
  • Interim Production Manager
  • Interim Maintenance Director
  • Interim Technical Director
  • Interim Quality Manager
  • Interim Health, Safety and Environment Manager (HSE)
  • Interim Quality Assurance Pharmacist (QAP)
  • Interim Supply Chain Director
  • Interim Logistics Manager
  • Interim Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) / Purchasing Manager
  • Interim Sales Director
  • Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Product & Marketing
  • Interim Communication Director
  • Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Interim Project Management Officer (PMO)
  • Interim Contract Manager
  • Interim General Counsel/Legal Director



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