Management of a Complex or Major Project


Manage a major strategic and operational project within your company

Project management at the service of business transformation

Companies are constantly facing new challenges: launching new products or services, integrating new technologies, building and launching a new plant, integrating a new acquisition, conducting a carve-out, adapting their processes to new legal constraints...

The success of these challenges relies on the quality of the project management and the change management.

Project management covers all activities aimed at designing, organizing and ensuring the successful completion of a project in order to achieve the specific results expected: a new ERP, a product, a service, a facility or a new organization... in compliance with cost, quality and deadline objectives.

Project management is a demanding management process that can change the way work is organized or the relationships between internal and external stakeholders. Effective project management requires careful planning and guidance.

Why should you rely on a MANAGERIM interim manager to lead a complex project?

Whatever its nature and size, a project follows a specific methodology and must respect many requirements in terms of scope, functional and technical specifications, management and optimization of resources, risk management, change management, respect of deadlines, etc., requiring the mobilization of a skilled project manager.

Our clients do not always have in-house the resources and skills required for the operational management of complex or large-scale projects.

MANAGERIM federates a community of interim managers (men & women) highly experienced in managing projects of all sizes and with high stakes.

Interim management allows our clients to benefit from experts with multidisciplinary skills and solid operational experience in project management and a mastery of different methodologies and key success factors, whether the project impacts the business, the organization, the management, the Information Systems (IS) or the business processes.

Our interim managers ensure and secure the management of complex projects by deploying a global vision of the challenges, best practices and avoiding the typical pitfalls of such projects. They manage the project team, the relationship with internal and external partners and service providers and optimize the project budget.

Our interim managers especially take care to get your employees and the project's stakeholders on board. Indeed, the success of a project is often strongly linked to the adhesion and the commitment of the employees, stakeholders of the project, who are to be placed at the heart of the support program.

To be noted: MANAGERIM also intervenes in the specific management of large or megaprojects characterized by their technical complexity, their multidisciplinary dimension, often "prototypical" and the importance of their duration and financial stakes.

The complexity of the projects managed by our interim managers can also be organizational (many stakeholders, etc.), international, industrial, regulatory, linked to time-to-market imperatives, etc.

Examples of project management assignments carried out by our interim managers

  • Management of Information Systems projects in coordination with the business and the integrator: implementation of a new SAP ERP for a leading player in the insurance sector, deployment of a new HRIS and a payroll and management software for a major player in the services sector, implementation of the IT system of a shared services center for a leader in the aeronautics industry ....
  • Management of industrial projects for the building and start-up of a new plant or the equipment installation for process qualification and validation or the revamping of production units (e.g. in the food industry or pharmaceutical industry for different laboratories), the industrial transfer of a site for an SME in the automotive sector or the technical shutdown of units for a leader in the energy sector
  • Management of a project to integrate a new acquisition for a chemical company
  • Management of a Carve-Out project in the software publishing sector
  • Management of a marketing project for the launch of new products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors
  • Management of major projects in France and internationally in the construction, infrastructures, energy and road or rail transport sectors (as general contractor, design & build, public-private partnership - PPP, etc.) on a variety of projects: offices, hospitals, nuclear power plants, offshore wind farms, new high-speed train line, metro or tramway project, etc.
  • Mobilization of a construction manager to manage the building of a new shopping mall for a company in the construction and real estate sector
  • Mobilization of a project manager to manage the relocation of the head office of a company in the banking sector

  • A new information system to implement? An acquisition to be integrated? A carve-out to be executed?
  • Are you looking for an interim manager to manage a complex project?