Turnaround & Restructuring


Providing you with operational support to operate a reorganization, a restructuration or a turnaround of activities

What is business restructuring?

Restructuring is a management operation, led by the General Management, consisting in reorganizing a company to adapt to constraints or significant changes. It is generally considered in complex contexts of deterioration of the profitability of the activities, decrease of the treasury, mismatch between supply and demand or loss of the partners' confidence (shareholders, customers, providers...).

Restructuring may take place in the context of a merger, a divestment or a spin-off of a company. This operation, which has a legal framework, may include an operational dimension with a restructuring of activities and a possible reduction in the workforce as well as a financial chapter. The restructuring plan can also be decided by a court.

A company restructuring is therefore a project with a significant impact on employees and on the company itself. Its success requires compliance with regulations, the implementation of a rigorous methodology, change management and constructive social dialogue to gain the support of employee representatives and ensure coordinated deployment.

The leverage of interim management to restructuring an entity

MANAGERIM offers a rapid reaction force and intervenes in such situations by temporarily mobilizing an interim manager specialized in restructuring.

The manager acts as “an emergency doctor” and provides you with experience in managing restructuring programs in similar contexts.

He or she has strong leadership and fast analytical skills, excellent stress management skills in tense situations, and strong interpersonal skills. Impartial, he or she is results and solution oriented and committed to turning your company around.

The interim manager will rapidly:

  • establish a factual flash diagnosis of the situation (analysis of malfunctions, sources of underperformance, risk mapping, areas for improvement, etc.),
  • Ensure ongoing communication and dialogue with the various stakeholders to convince, engage and restore trust,
  • propose and implement an operational recovery plan to ensure the sustainability of the activities involved (generally including measures to optimize cash flow in the short and medium term and different target organization scenarios, etc.),
  • provide operational support for the approved restructuring plan and the implementation of a new organization (with new positions, new assignments, sometimes layoffs),
  • anchor this new organization in the company,
  • ensure that business profitability targets are met through the monitoring of specific performance indicators.

Throughout the assignment, our interim manager is supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

MANAGERIM is involved in the management of restructuring projects:

  • in various situations: reorganization, merger, integration of an acquisition, carve-out, downsizing, employment protection plan (PSE), relocalisation or industrial transfer of sites, recovery, turnaround, judicial liquidation, etc.
  • with highly skilled interim managers from different positions: Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Legal manager, Communication manager, Industrial manager, Supply Chain Officer manager…

  • A restructuring project to organize and manage? a merger to execute, an acquisition to integrate or a carve out to conduct?
  • A critical or anormal situation of underperformance to be rapidly solved?
  • Are you looking for an interim manager with a solid experience in restructuring management?