Transport and Logistics

Interim Management in the Transport and Logistics Sector

MANAGERIM provides you with transition managers who are experts in the transport & logistics sectors to help you meet your transformation challenges


The globalisation of trade which is reflected both in an increase in distances travelled by goods and in new consumer requirements (shorter delivery times, reduced carbon footprint, etc.) is making the freight and distribution chains very complex.

The transportation and logistics industry is now governed by strict delivery, supply, warehouse storage and lead time management constraints.

Many factors can impact the proper functioning of a logistics chain: traffic conditions, delivery mode, weather conditions, warehouse availability, human resources management, transportation risks...

Another challenge for this sector is posed by the urban environment which, while it wishes to further reduce access to motorized vehicles, must still deal with the need to supply its inhabitants.

This is why our interim managers are often positioned to help players in the transport & logistics sector to accelerate their transformation in order to strengthen their competitiveness and conquer new market segments:

  • Streamline their operations at each stage of the supply chain and increase the overall performance of services
  • Re-think the Supply Chain to accelerate and rationalize the movement of goods and improve performance and agility
  • Anticipate transport risks, stock shortages and optimize warehouse availability,
  • Optimize tours, reduce empty returns and streamline costs,
  • Drive continuous performance improvement to combine lower cost, shorter time and controlled ecological footprint in a balanced way
  • Accelerate the digital transformation of their tools, methods and processes
  • Pursue innovation efforts and implement reliable data processing and analysis technologies
  • Boost human resources management, training and talent management and retention policies
  • Reduce carbon footprint

MANAGERIM, your interim management firm, expert in the transport and logistics sector

Our interim managers are experienced women and men, leaders and executives, with successful prior experience in leading transformation projects in the transport and logistics sectors. They developed in-depth knowledge of the processes and challenges in the sectors.

They accompany our clients -companies of all sizes, in a very operational way, for a temporary period (4 to 16 months) in:

  • emergency managerial situations:
    • temporary replacement of a manager (CEO, site director, logistics platform manager, warehouse manager, store manager, logistics, transport, supply chain, finance, human resources, purchasing, quality, customer service, marketing, information systems…)
    • team reinforcement (in business overload phase)
    • crisis situation management
  • piloting a transformation project
  • steering performance improvement projects in the areas of finance, controlling, HR, IS, etc.
  • management of complex projects
  • reorganization, restructuring, turnaround, merger or acquisition (M&A) programs
  • specialized and specific expertise in:
    • Logistics operations
    • Transportation
    • Development / Expansion
    • Treasury
    • Labour / Social relations management
    • CSR
    • Communication
    • Digitalization
    • Payroll and HRIS
    • Legal aspects

Examples of functions held by our interim managers

Here are a few examples of the rapid and targeted provision of interim managers:

  • Interim Director of Logistics Operations for a national logistics operator: day-to-day management of teams, optimization of transport activity, organization of pick-up and delivery of goods by carriers in the warehouses, budget management, steering of indicators and management control
  • Interim Logistics Warehouse Manager (fresh produce platform/fruit and vegetables): management and remobilization of operational teams, restoration of social climate and implementation of actions to improve productivity and quality
  • Interim Logistics Operations Manager on a temperature-controlled site for a logistics operator: start-up of the platform, recruitment and training of teams, supervision of logistics operations, quality and safety management
  • Interim Head of e-commerce Distribution (e-commerce leader): management of teams and supply chain operations, network development, management of logistics and take-away sites, integration of service providers, management of supplies, of the company's sales department, deployment of click and collect
  • Interim Supply Chain and Logistics Project Manager for a specialized distribution leader: steering a project to centralize supply flows over a vast network of stores on a new platform, launch and management of the platform, negotiation and management of outsourced services, management of continuous improvement projects (WMS evolution, optimization of logistics costs, etc.)
  • Interim Logistics Director for a leader in the distribution of cultural products: management and securing of the synchronization of supply/storage/warehouse flows, organization and management of e-commerce logistics
  • Interim Regional Sourcing & Logistics Manager for a leading retailer: management of warehouse teams, management of logistics service providers and carriers, management of staff meetings, optimization of hourly costs and productivity

  • Are you looking for an interim manager with a strong knowledge of the transport & logistics sector to temporarily replace a manager or to lead a transformation project?
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