Accelerated Business Development


Drive a targeted approach to accelerate the business development of your activities (key account management, new customer segments, new geographical territories, international development...)

What are the growth challenges for our clients?

In a constantly changing environment, growth is a major challenge for many companies wishing to achieve critical mass, win new market shares and acquire new customers.

How to fully leverage the company's growth potential? How to seize new opportunities to conquer new market shares, to diversify, to grow externally, to internationalize...?

Depending on its history, business cycles and competitive intensity, the company may:

  • experience a decline in its activity in certain markets and anticipate serious difficulties in the short or medium term,
  • hit a plateau, struggling to stimulate growth,
  • on the contrary, experience sustained growth (or even hypergrowth) that is satisfactory at first glance but that constantly challenges processes and requires a review of the organization and structure in terms of human, technical and financial resources. Key functions such as sales management or production, for example, may not be able to keep up or new skills may not be covered or anticipated...

Why should you rely on a managerim interim manager to accelerate and control your development?

We have set up and are continuously expanding a unique network of interim managers (men and women) who are experts in business management and business development in a wide range of sectors to meet your expectations in a rapid, targeted and effective manner.

Interim management allows our clients to benefit from experienced managers, sometimes deliberately over-qualified, who have been confronted to similar situations of growth crisis management, and who are able to get the activities, the organization or the position in difficulty back to the desired level.

Immediately operational, our interim managers, who come from your sector of activity:

  • bring you a fresh perspective,
  • conduct a flash audit of the situation to analyze malfunctions and identify areas of improvement to strengthen the efficiency of the use of your resources and means of production,
  • propose a development plan integrating all technical, human and financial dimensions and support the implementation of new growth drivers, whether your project involves an internal or external growth strategy,
  • ensure your teams are onboard, share their expertise and implement new methods to make your organization sustainably proactive and effective

Our interim managers are leaders in a variety of positions: General Manager, Business Unit Director, Operations Director, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, International Manager, etc., who provide operational reinforcement of your team or act in a logic of management relay.

Some of them are more particularly experts in supporting external growth strategies (M&A, post-merger acquisition, etc.) or in managing entities in a target geographic area.

  • Are you looking for an interim manager to boost the growth of your company?
  • Do you wish to mobilize an interim manager to integrate a new acquisition? an expert to internationalize your activities?