Interim Management in Orléans and the Centre Val-de-Loire Region

The interim management firm MANAGERIM, offers you interim managers in Orleans and the Centre Val-de-Loire region (Tours, Bourges, Blois, Châteauroux, Chartres, Dreux, Vierzon…).

All of our interim managers were carefully selected through a rigorous and demanding process.

Find an interim manager in Orléans and the Centre Val-de-Loire Region

Many companies of all sizes (start-ups, SMEs, midcaps, large groups, investment funds) and all sectors (industry, retail, services, etc.), Centre Val-de-Loire region, face emergency situations or the need to rapidly transform.

Interim management is now recognized as a managerial solution to meet such challenges and drive change.

Contact MANAGERIM, your interim management company to mobilize an interim manager in Orléans and the Centre Val-de-Loire Region

MANAGERIM, an expert interim management company, rapidly mobilizes the interim manager with the profile best suited for each situation for its clients in Orleans and the Centre Val-de-Loire region (Tours, Bourges, Blois, Châteauroux, Chartres, Dreux, Vierzon…).

MANAGERIM also operates throughout France and internationally.

Our interim managers have developed a solid track record of intervention in various situations in:

• relay/interim management - replacement of a manager on short notice

• operational reinforcement

• project management

• performance improvement

• process optimization

• crisis management

• restructuring and turnaround

• transformation management

• growth acceleration

• launch of a new activity

• integration of an acquisition

• managing a carve out

• company digitalization

Our vast community of experts brings together interim managers, executives and leaders in all functions of the company, in top and middle management and in diverse sectors of activity.

Our interim managers are men and women selected after a rigorous and demanding process, as much for their expertise as for their interpersonal skills.

Economic dynamism in Orléans and the Centre Val-de-Loire Region

In a geographical axis from Orléans to Chartres, there is a high density of industrial companies operating in the cosmetics sector. Nicknamed “Cosmetic Valley”, this area is home to prestigious companies.

This world-renowned competitiveness cluster also includes perfumeries and pharmaceutical companies, chemicals, a rubber/plastic (pneumatic) industry, mechanical, electronic, electrical and computer equipment.

The Centre-Val-de-Loire, located less than an hour from Paris, has many tourist attractions. Europe’s first cereal-growing region thanks to the production harvested in Champagne Berrichonne and Beauce, the Centre-Val de Loire’s main activity is wheat growing.

But the region can also count on the dynamism of its companies in many sectors: pharmaceutical production, perfume and cosmetic production, plastic packaging and processing, industrial rubber, agri-food industry, aeronautics, logistics, automotive and its 4 competitiveness clusters.

The industry represents 19.2% of the added-value and has 9 territories labelled «Industrial territories».

Energy activity is important in Centre-Val de Loire. 4 nuclear power plants are located there (in Chinon, Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux, Belleville and Dampierre). There are also hydroelectric dams and wind turbines and a small amount of oil production.

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