Performance Improvement


Optimise the performance of a process or a key position, a department, a site or the company as a whole

Performance improvement: a continuous challenge

Companies must constantly improve their performance in order to gain competitiveness and face competitive pressure. It is sometimes necessary to review and revise their processes and operating methods in depth in order to meet the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

Depending on each specific situation, the improvement challenge may concern financial, operational, industrial, social or environmental performance...

Why should you rely on a MANAGERIM interim manager to boost the performance of your company?

Interim Management is a business transformation lever. It allows companies to rely on an experienced manager to lead an improvement project.

Our interim managers (men and women), experts in performance optimization, have been selected for their successful experience in the rapid turnaround of underperformance situations, their managerial, HR, industrial and financial skills and their interpersonal qualities.

They master the best methodologies and practices in their areas of intervention (for example: operational excellence, lean management, Kaizen, six Sigma, Just in Time, continuous improvement or recovery, restructuring or turnaround procedures in a more defensive and global logic).

Depending on the needs, they are experts in specific fields: cash management, industrial operations, labor relations, purchasing, supply chain, quality, HSE, etc.

Immediately operational and result-oriented, they are able to:

  • rapidly establish an objective diagnosis of the situation (malfunctions, over-costs, improvement levers, potential savings, key success factors, etc.)
  • propose and implement a plan of tangible improvement actions with key performance indicators (KPI)
  • lead the change

Our team of partners, recruiters and talent managers are available to analyze your specific challenges and then identify and mobilize the interim manager best suited to your situation.

Throughout their assignments, our interim managers are supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

  • Are you looking for an interim manager to improve your company's competitiveness and performance?
  • Would you like to rapidly correct a situation of underperformance on a site, a department or a key function?