Interim Plant Manager

Interim Plant Manager

Interim management is an effective managerial solution for companies of all sizes to deal with an unprecedented situation, a managerial emergency or to accelerate their transformation.

MANAGERIM, expert in interim management, provides you with interim managers specialized in industrial operations everywhere in Europe and internationally.

Our community of interim managers in industrial operations includes top and middle managers (plant manager, industrial director, site manager, production manager, maintenance manager, technical services manager, etc.) with:

  • sectorial expertise (food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, aeronautics, mechanics, packaging, industrial equipment, building materials, mining, metallurgy, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastics, luxury goods, consumer goods...)
  • solid experience in factory or production unit management
  • strong leadership skills
  • a hands-on culture
  • and skills in leading continuous performance improvement projects

Our interim managers are men and women selected after a rigorous and demanding process, as much for their expertise as for their interpersonal skills.

The missions of an interim plant manager

The interim plant manager manages the activity of an industrial site.

His/her missions include various responsibilities:

  • Manage the middle management and teams under his/her responsibility and encourage a participative and close management to develop skills and reinforce team spirit
  • Manage the planning and organization of production activities and associated resources (human, budgetary, technical) in order to achieve objectives (costs / deadlines / quality)
  • Optimize production (and packaging if necessary) in coordination with the production manager(s) or Autonomous Production Unit manager(s), the technical, engineering, maintenance, purchasing and quality departments...
  • Ensure that the objectives are met (respect of costs, production rates and deadlines) and ensure the optimization of industrial installations, by adapting them to the required hygiene, quality and safety conditions
  • Monitor the budget, production indicators and performance and manage investment plans
  • Identify the main levers of action to optimize the plant's production: production capacity, quality, human resources, etc.
  • Define and deploy action plans for continuous improvement of processes
  • Contribute to the optimization of the profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Chair meetings with the site's labor and economic committees
  • Manage industrial launches of new products in conjunction with R&D and quality

Why mobilize an interim manager in plant management from the interim MANAGERIM firm?

Our interim plant managers have previous successful experience:

  • on sites of various sizes (from ten or so people to several hundred or thousands of employees) in France or abroad in a multicultural environment
  • with or without continuous flow, on sensitive sites such as Seveso low or high threshold, on small, medium or large series...
  • in multiple industrial sectors: food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, aeronautics, mechanics, metallurgy, plastics, packaging, textiles, paper, wood...
  • in different contexts (growth, decline, construction, site opening or closing, transformation, restructuring, crisis management...)

They know how to adapt rapidly and be immediately operational.

Our interim managers in plant management intervene on high value-added missions in various situations:

  • Temporary replacement at short notice of a manager in industrial operations: plant manager, industrial director, site manager, production manager, maintenance manager, HSE manager, etc.
  • Operational reinforcement of a team in a period of overload of activity
  • Flash audit of the industrial organization and improvement of processes and industrial performance or more targeted maintenance, quality, safety and environment...
  • Management of operational excellence and continuous improvement processes
  • Optimization of the service rate
  • Management of complex projects (remobilization, reorganization, restructuring, site opening or closing, launch of new production lines, industrial transfer, lean management, etc.)
  • Crisis management: following a fire or an accident, a breakdown in social dialogue, operational management of an Employment Protection Plan (EPS), etc.
  • Change management

Throughout their assignments, our interim managers are supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM

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