Management de Transition

What is the difference between a consultant and an interim manager?

When a company is faced with a new problem or a performance improvement or transformation challenge, the mobilization of a manager specialized in the relevant field may be required to positively change the situation.

If the company does not have a professional who is sufficiently experienced or available internally, the company can call on an external player and mobilize a consultant or an interim manager.

The main difference between these two types of professionals lies in their mode of intervention.

The consultant will focus more strongly on observation, analysis of the situation and the structuring of recommendations to improve the situation. He will bring a methodology and an external expert view. After a period of synthesis on his analysis and investigations, he will present a detailed report on the situation and will recommend areas of improvement that the company may or may not adopt.  The implementation of the validated actions plan will generally be handled by the general management or the internal teams.

The interim manager, on the other hand, is resolutely operational and focused on action "on the ground". For the duration of the interim assignment, he or she immediately takes the position of a company manager or executive and adapts to the company's culture and customs. Generally, in charge of managing a team, he/she will be selected for his/her leadership and managerial qualities as well as his/her successful experience in similar situations. He will be particularly vigilant in federating and embarking the teams for which he is responsible and in driving the change to achieve the expected results as rapidly as possible. He will of course first perform an audit of the situation, but this audit will usually be "flash", and calibrated to what is necessary, in order to give way as fast as possible to the implementation of the validated actions plan.

A specific network of consultants available on demand

The involvement of an external consultant will be valuable when the top management is faced with a new situation requiring a strategic orientation or an informed decision on their part. The consultant's viewpoint, perspective and opinion will help to clarify and support the decision-making process.

This is why in addition to its vast community of interim managers, MANAGERIM is constantly developing, federating and enriching a specific network of business consultants.

Our consultants are all independent experts, selected after an in-depth recruitment process (interviews, reference checks, etc.) conducted by our teams. The network is continuously enriched in particular by a system of co-optation, and allows us to respond rapidly to many needs for mobilizing qualified consultants for companies of all sizes.

MANAGERIM rapidly mobilizes the consultant best suited to your needs and challenges

After a thorough briefing of your challenges, our team identifies and mobilizes the best consultant (specialized in corporate strategy, management, human resources, finance, industrial operations, supply chain, logistics, communication, marketing & sales, IT, digital...).

Mobilizable for a few days or a few months...

You have an experienced consultant at your disposal to carry out a 360° global diagnosis of your company’s performance or of a more targeted service or process (analysis of your strengths, progress points, risks, growth or performance levers, etc.) and to present you a factual and objective analysis of the situation in all its aspects, as well as a significant actions plan of improvement.

The consultant will support you in building your strategic vision, defining and formalizing your roadmap.

The approach and organization of the mission (objectives, methodology, interview techniques, tools, etc.) are adapted to your challenges and defined with the selected consultant. A MANAGERIM partner will follow up on the quality of the project.

Examples of consulting missions achieved by our consultants

Our consultants are involved in missions on all positions in the company.

Here are some examples of our missions:

  • Human resources audit (organization, managerial practices, social climate...) for an SME.
  • Industrial audit of a plant by a Black Belt Lean Expert consultant for an SME in the mechanical sector.
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment audit for a cosmetics company
  • Solvency 2 expert consultant for an insurance company
  • Audit of the Supply Chain of an automotive equipment manufacturer and structuring of a performance improvement plan for operations
  • Security audit of the Information System of a service group by an expert consultant in cybersecurity
  • Audit of the purchasing organization of an SME
  • ...
  • Are you looking for a consultant?
  • Are you faced with a situation that requires an in-depth diagnosis? 
  • Do you need an external advice and benefit from the expertise of a specialized consultant to help you make decisions?


Our team is at your disposal and can rapidly identify and mobilize the consultant best suited to your needs.