Mobilization of a Specific Expertise


Rapidly mobilize an interim manager, expert in a rare or specific skill

Do you require a specialised expert to complete a complex project?

Our clients are often looking for specialized or rare skills to carry out specific, sometimes urgent, missions and may lack the time or resources to rapidly find and mobilize the best experts.

MANAGERIM provides you with a unique network of interim managers and experts and will be able to mobilize the expert you need

MANAGERIM develops and continuously enriches a network of transition experts (men and women), structured by "sector and business clusters" and made up of engineers or independent contributors recognized for their expertise in a rare or specialized field, a particular technology or their technical excellence.

Our experts are directors or managers of specific positions, engineers, scientists, specialists, doctors, researchers, academics...

After briefing and analysis of your challenges, our team identifies and mobilizes the best expert suited to your needs.

You will thus have access to specialized and customized expertise to:

  • secure or manage complex projects
  • support your development projects
  • clarify your strategic thinking
  • accelerate your ability to innovate
  • train your teams / accelerate their skills development
  • contribute to your influence

We work with companies of all sizes and mobilize our experts in a variety of sectors (pharmaceutical, automotive, rail, food, new energies, environment, road, rail and maritime transport, construction, health...).

Examples of high added-value sectors and challenges covered by our managerim interim experts

  • Are you looking for an expert or a rare skill for a specific need?