Social and Solidarity Economy and Non-Profit & Medico-Social

Interim Management in Social and Solidarity Economy and Non-Profit & Medico-Social Sectors

MANAGERIM provides you with interim managers who are experts in the social economy and non-profit & medico-social sector to help you meet your transformation challenges

Social and solidarity economy and non-profit & medico-social sectors refer to a group of companies organized in the form of non-profit organizations, associations, charities, cooperatives, economic integration structures, companies of social utility...... which seek to reconcile solidarity, economic performance and social utility.

The common objective is to put people back at the heart of the economy to meet the challenges of our society.

The social and solidarity economy (SSE) represents 10% of the GDP and nearly 14% of private jobs in France. The sector has approximately 200,000 companies and structures and 2.38 million employees.

Pioneer in terms of social innovation, the SSE is increasingly attracting younger generations in search of meaning in their commitments.

The social and medico-social sectors include all activities that aim to promote autonomy and prevent exclusion. They concern publics with special needs such as children, people with disabilities, vulnerable families and the elderly.

Various entities offer services adapted to specific needs, ranging from one-time or long-term support to hosting within a specialized structure.

These may be nursing homes, residential centers, home nursing services (SSIAD), residential facilities for the dependent elderly (EHPAD), etc.

Organizations and companies in the social and solidarity economy, the non-profit sector, health and medico-social sectors call on our interim managers to help them strengthen performance and address many transformation challenges:

  • Replace at short notice the General Manager of an establishment, a department director or a manager with expertise in a particular function.
  • Mobilize or remobilize teams in times of tension or crisis
  • Lead performance improvement or process redesign initiatives
  • Transform their organization to be more agile and flexible
  • Innovate and deliver new services
  • Increase the utilization rate of their resources
  • Stimulate the human resources management
  • Strengthen the financial performance management

MANAGERIM, your interim management firm, expert in social and solidarity economy and non-profit & medico-social sectors

Our interim managers are experienced women and men, leaders and executives, with successful prior experience in management and leading transformation projects within the social and solidarity economy or the non-profit & medico-social sectors

They accompany our clients, companies of all sizes, in a very operational way, for a temporary period (from 4 to 16 months) in:

  • emergency managerial situations:
    • temporary replacement of a manager (CEO/general manager, division or department director, project manager, HR manager, CFO, controller, communication, payroll and HRIS, legal, CIO, PMO...).
    • temporary reinforcement of a team (in a phase of overload of activities)
    • crisis management
  • management of a transformation project
  • management of performance improvement projects in the financial, HR and IT fields (ERP implementation, etc.)
  • management of complex projects (e.g. opening of a new site, new offer, crisis management)
  • reorganization programs
  • specialized and specific expertise in:
    • Communication
    • Payroll and HRIS
    • Legal
    • Digitalization
    • PMO
    • Quality Management

Examples of functions held by our interim managers

Here are a few examples of the rapid and targeted provision of interim managers:

  • Interim General Manager (non-profit sector- field of exclusion): staff management, administrative and financial management of several services and establishments, increase in capacity, creation of new services
  • Interim Human Resources Manager (for several medico-social establishments and services for disabled people): replacement at short notice of the HR Director, realization of an HR audit and reorganization of processes, drafting and negotiation of an agreement on gender equality and telework
  • Interim Director of a Nursing Home: management of the establishment in a relay-management logic, audit and improvement of processes, budget monitoring, creation of a home help service
  • Interim Clinic Director: management of a clinic in medicine, surgery and obstetrics (100 beds, 120 p.), optimization of human resources management, reinforcement of quality, recruitment of doctors, participation in the authorities...
  • Interim Communications Manager (for a humanitarian NGO): management of communication in a crisis situation (departure of the director, RPS plan, relaunch of actions...)
  • Interim Director of a medical and social establishment (non-profit sector - field of the handicap): management of a medico-social establishment for handicapped people, reorganization, remobilization of the teams to give sense to the action and the care of the handicapped people, optimization of the financial means....
  • Interim Manager/CEO of a Nursing Home: exit from a crisis situation, stabilization and support for change (reduction in the number of beds and employees)

  • You are looking for an interim manager with a strong knowledge of the social economy, non-profit, health and medico-social sectors to temporarily replace a manager or to lead a transformation project?
  • Call on our interim management firm MANAGERIM to rapidly mobilize the best interim manager profile


Our team is at your disposal and will rapidly mobilize the most adapted interim manager to your situation and your challenges.