Interim Shared Services Center Manager

Interim Shared Services Center Manager

Interim management is an effective managerial solution for companies of all sizes to deal with an unprecedented situation, a managerial emergency or to accelerate their transformation.

MANAGERIM, expert in interim management, provides you with interim managers specialized in the organization and management of Shared Services Centers everywhere in France and internationally.

Our community of interim managers on the management of SSC includes interim managers mastering:

  • a range of support functions (finance, accounting, payroll ...)
  • accounting techniques
  • regulations (LSF law financial security, SEPA single payment area, LSO law Sarbanes-Oxley, European accounting directive ...)
  • accounting standards (PCG Plan Comptable Général, international standards IFRS/IAS, UK-US GAAP)
  • tax, national and European
  • and basic and specialized IT tools

Our interim managers are men and women selected after a rigorous and demanding process, as much for their expertise as for their interpersonal skills.

Missions of an interim shared service center (CSP) director

The interim Shared Services Center (SSC) Director is an experienced manager who is entrusted by our client with the implementation and/or temporary management of a SSC in order to :

  • Professionalize the accounting function, in a context of increasing complexity of regulatory standards
  • Standardize practices to gain in efficiency and productivity and reduce the time required to produce financial information
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase the level of service to internal users

Depending on the company, assignments may include many responsibilities:

  • Production of reporting and monthly closing of accounts
  • Payroll production
  • Close monitoring of cash flow
  • Financial controlling (cost analysis, inventory monitoring, forecasting calculations, etc.)
  • Support for internal improvement projects in terms of organization and information systems
  • Strengthening the relationship of the SSC with the different functions of the company
  • ...

Why choose an interim manager shared services center director (ssc) from our interim management firm MANAGERIM?

Our interim managers in shared services center (SSC) management have previous successful experience in groups of various sizes and sectors and in high-stakes situations (opening or closing of SSCs, LBOs, social crisis, downsizing, transformation, turnaround, restructuring, etc.), which enables them to adapt quickly to new contexts and to be immediately operational.

Our Directors or Managers of Shared Services Centers (SSC) are involved in high value-added missions in various situations:

  • Temporarily replacing a Director or Head of a SSC at short notice
  • Organize, implement or reinforce the performance and procedures of a SSC
  • Manage the teams of a SSC
  • Manage operational activities (general accounting, third-party accounting, bank accounting, payroll, IT services, etc.)
  • Manage reporting and relations with internal client companies (client committees, closing rituals, continuous improvement, internal control, etc.)
  • Manage the closing of corporate accounts of legal entities, data collection and consolidation of financial statements
  • Control the regulatory and normative compliance of accounting reports, tax returns, consolidation returns
  • Manage specific cross-functional projects (creation and implementation of SSCs, service agreements, organization, recruitment, expansion of scope, carve out, transformation, growth, merger, ERP migration, outsourcing of services, etc.)
  • Follow-up of Due Diligences and bank refinancing
  • ...

Throughout their assignments, our interim managers are supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

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