Organisational or Business Transformation


Manage and successfully achieve your transformation projects to better adapt your company to market changes and gain in competitiveness

What is a transformation?

Transformation is a normal step in the evolution of any organization. A company is a living, evolving system, interacting with its immediate environment, which is itself subject to constantly accelerating changes.

The triggers and challenges for transformation are increasingly numerous: adapting to competitive pressure or the emergence of disruptive players, re-inventing the company in a situation of decreasing competitiveness or changing consumption patterns and customer requirements, dealing with a crisis (such as the recent COVID-19 crisis), seizing a market opportunity or taking advantage of new technologies (IT and digital) that require changes in business models, adapting to the scarcity of key resources...

In this context of increasing uncertainty, socio-economic changes impact the activity and performance of the company. The paradigms on which the economic, organizational and managerial models were based can quickly be questioned.

Executives and managers are faced with the need to transform the company to remain competitive in their market. They must be agile in order to rapidly transform the company, a process of change, whether operational, cultural or digital, through which any company can ensure its continuity, reduce its costs, develop its maturity and improve its performance and customer satisfaction.

Interim management at the service of corporate transformation

Managing a transformation project is by its very nature a strategic and complex operation, regardless of whether it is an organizational, managerial, cultural, digital or business process transformation.

Our clients do not always have the resources and skills required in-house to implement such large-scale operations.

MANAGERIM federates a community of transition managers (men & women) highly experienced in leading transformation operations at the scale of a group, a company, a department or a functional area according to the target objectives.

The use of interim management allows our clients to benefit from experts with a wide range of experience regarding the methods and key success factors to implement transformation projects in line with their challenges, whether the transformation impacts the organization, management, corporate culture, information systems (IS) or business processes.

Focused on value creation, our interim managers help accelerate the transformation process by deploying best practices and avoiding the common pitfalls of such projects.

Our interim managers will be particularly careful to get your employees involved in identifying the challenges and the transformation processes. Indeed, the success of the project is strongly linked to the adhesion and commitment of the employees, stakeholders of the project, who must be at the heart of the transformation initiative.

Why should you rely on MANAGERIM to help you with your transformation projects?

MANAGERIM intervenes on different types of transformation projects: reorganization, integration of a new entity, conducting a carve-out or spin-off, digitalization, etc.

The interim managers provided by MANAGERIM all have solid assets to make your transformations a success:

  • Solid experience in change management
  • Used to exert a critical external view on organizations to identify the causes of malfunctioning and the levers of improvement
  • Position and/or sectoral expertise
  • Leadership and managerial skills
  • Strong interpersonal and human qualities
  • Ability to adapt
  • Ability to get to the point and make informed decisions
  • Customer orientation
  • ...

Our partners and recruiters and talent managers at MANAGERIM have developed a strong experience in transformation situations and are available to analyze your specific contexts and challenges. Together we will define the specifications of the transition assignment to be carried out and will ensure to integrate the priority issues to be addressed.

On this basis, our teams will deploy, in a reactive manner, a proven MANAGERIM methodology to identify and mobilize, within our vast community of interim managers, the relevant manager best suited to your transformation challenge, immediately available and operational.

An interim assignment to support transformation generally includes a diagnostic phase, recommendations and a practical actions plan proposal, followed very rapidly by operational implementation of the changes and the set in motion of the organization.

Throughout their assignments, our interim managers are supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

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