Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Product & Marketing

Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Product & Marketing

Interim management is an effective managerial solution for companies of all sizes to deal with an unprecedented situation, a managerial emergency or to accelerate their transformation.

MANAGERIM, expert in interim management, provides you with interim managers specialized in the marketing function everywhere in France, Europe or further internationally (Africa, Asia, Middle East...).

Our community of marketing professionals includes interim managers with strong industry knowledge, market analysis and operational marketing techniques, marketing and digital plans, and strategic vision, as well as good listening and communication skills.

Our interim managers are men and women selected after a rigorous and demanding process, as much for their expertise as for their interpersonal skills.

The missions of an interim marketing director

The marketing director ensures the positioning of the company and its offers on its market. He/she analyzes consumer trends and the competition in order to detect opportunities and define the marketing strategy aimed at strengthening the company's reputation and triggering sales.

His or her missions vary according to the company and can include various responsibilities:

  • Define the company's marketing strategy: objectives, related marketing action plans, allocated budget, performance indicators as well as the marketing mix for each product (optimization of the offer, product/price/promotion/"4P" positioning)
  • Identify growth opportunities and define development orientations, monitor competitors' practices and positioning
  • Analyze and understand how consumers view the brand and products and explore their expectations through market research, analysis of available data, etc.
  • Select and manage partners (e.g. communication agency, consultants...)
  • Analyze the impact of each marketing action undertaken via a steering system (budget monitoring, regular reporting) in order to assess the relevance and readjust the strategy in light of the performance of the actions and market trends

Why call upon an interim manager interim marketing director of the interim management firm MANAGERIM?

Our interim marketing managers have previous successful experience in many business sectors and in high-stakes situations (launch of new products/new offers, diversification, internationalization, transformation, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, restructuring, crisis management, etc.), which enables them to adapt rapidly to new contexts and to be immediately operational.

Our interim marketing managers work on high value-added assignments in a variety of situations:

  • Temporarily replace a marketing director or manager (chief marketing officer (CMO), digital marketing director, digital director, etc.)
  • Manage marketing teams and activities in an operational manner
  • Manage specific marketing projects (marketing study, cross-channel strategic roadmap, launch of a new offer, marketing plan, communication campaign...)
  • Develop, review or propose new sales tools (e.g. Smart Phone applications, brochures, physical supports for sales action plans, catalogs, sales pitches, etc.)
  • Organize a marketing seminar with other departments (sales force...)
  • Optimize the company's visibility: traffic generation campaigns, referencing, merchandising, collaborations with other brands...
  • Strengthen digital communication: editorial line of the website, communication on social networks, collaborations with influencers...
  • Define, implement and monitor a policy of assessment of marketing actions thanks to new performance indicators - KPI (studies, satisfaction surveys, web traffic data, mentions on social networks, calculation of return on investment)

Throughout their assignments, our interim managers are supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

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