Interim Management in the Aeronautics Industry

MANAGERIM provides you with interim managers who are experts in the aeronautics industry to help you meet your transformation challenges

The aeronautics industry is gradually returning to growth after an unprecedented collapse in 2020 following the pandemic.

However, aircraft and engine manufacturers, as well as airlines face a series of short, medium and long-term challenges:

  • Current tensions in an increasingly uncertain raw materials market.
  • Recruitment and training challenges (following recent downsizing).
  • The challenge of reducing their carbon footprint to reach the 2050 decarbonization targets.

To succeed in this new context, companies are accelerating their transformation and must, in particular:

  • Continue efforts to transform the entire production system, integrating new technologies to improve competitiveness and make it more flexible, fast and scalable
  • Strengthen the automatization and robotization of the production system
  • Accelerate the digital transformation of their tools, methods and processes across the entire chain (in design, data management and operation, predictive maintenance, equipment monitoring with IoT, etc.)
  • Stimulate continuous performance improvement in search of ever lower production costs
  • Strengthen development and innovation efforts (motorization/engines, increasing use of composite materials to lighten aircraft weight, electric aircraft, hydrogen aircraft in the longer term, etc.)
  • Boost human resources management policy, training, talent management and retention policies
  • Rethink the Supply Chain
  • Optimize resource mobilization (energy in particular) and reduce the environmental impact of activities
  • Develop the use of sustainable aviation fuels (CAD or SAF) derived from biomass and eventually development of synthetic fuels…
  • Organize fleet renewal (the latest generations of aircraft allowing significant fuel and CO2 savings) and recycling of aircraft removed from operations

MANAGERIM, your interim management firm, expert in the aeronautis sector

Our interim managers are experienced women and men, managers and executives, all of whom have previous experience in leading transformation projects in the aeronautics industry.

They have developed in-depth knowledge of the processes and challenges of the various industrial sectors with multiple players:

  • Manufacturers who design, manufacture and assemble civil and military aircraft or helicopters
  • Subcontracting groups and SMEs, manufacturers of spare parts and simple or complex components such as complete aircraft sections or complex digital systems, tools, mechanical and electronic components, etc.
  • Specific drone manufacturers

They accompany our clients -companies of all sizes, in a very operational way, for a temporary period (4 to 16 months) in:

  • emergency managerial situations:
    • temporary replacement of a manager (CEO, COO, CFO, HRD, plant, production, maintenance and new work, technical, quality R&D, HSE, purchasing, supply chain, marketing directors, etc.)
    • temporary reinforcement of a team (in ramp-up phase)
    • management of a crisis situation
  • steering a transformation project
  • steering projects aimed at improving performance on a financial, industry controlling, HR, IS (implementation of ERP, etc.) levels
  • conducting complex projects (launch, capacity increase, industrial transfer or site closure, crisis management, etc.)
  • reorganization, restructuring, turnaround, merger or acquisition (M&A) programs
  • specialized and specific expertise in:
    • Quality and/or Health, Safety and Environment – QHSE / HSE
    • Maintenance and New Works
    • Technical aspects
    • R&D
    • Social relations management
    • CSR
    • Communication
    • Payroll and HRIS
    • Legal aspects
    • Digitalization
    • PMO
    • Big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, Smart Technologies, Communicating systems,

Examples of functions performed by our interim managers

Here are some examples of rapid and targeted provision of interim managers:

  • Interim Plant Manager for an aeronautical equipment producing complex assemblies for aircraft structures: turnaround of the site performance (reduction of the workforce, implementation of a lean approach, reduction of non-quality, inventories, delivery delays, increase of productivity...)
  • Interim Supply Chain Manager for a subcontractor in the aeronautical industry: management of logistics teams, warehouse & stocks and spare parts logistics flows, S&OP ... with significant reinforcement of the customer performance On Time
  • Interim Human Resources Manager for a large company in the aeronautics sector: management of an ambitious post-covid recruitment plan and participation in cross-functional projects: improvement of managerial practices and Quality of Life at work
  • Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for an aeronautical equipment manufacturer as part of an integration mission for a recent acquisition (post-merger acquisition)
  • Interim Human Resources Director for an SME in the aeronautical sector: implementation of an Employment Protection Plan (PSE) in the context of a restructuring of activities

  • You are looking for an interim manager with a strong experience in the aeronautical sector to temporarily replace a manager or to lead a transformation project?
  • Rely on our MANAGERIM interim management firm to rapidly mobilize the best interim manager profile


Our team is at your disposal and will rapidly mobilize the most adapted interim manager to your situation and your challenges.