Crisis Management


Provide you with operational support to help you rapidly overcome a crisis situation

Facing crisis situations

All companies may face a crisis situation at some point. Whether it is financial, industrial, information technology, social, environmental or health-related, managers must be able to react rapidly and in an appropriate way to minimize the impact of the crisis on the company's operations, image or health.

The leverage of interim management to manage a crisis situation

MANAGERIM offers a rapid reaction force and intervenes in such crisis situations by temporarily mobilizing an expert who acts as an internal project manager for the time needed to secure and redress the situation.

Expert in crisis management, the manager intervenes as an emergency doctor and provides you with a methodology and experience in similar contexts. He has strong leadership and rapid analysis skills as well as excellent stress management in tense situations.

Depending on the nature of the crisis, the interim manager will be more particularly:

  • an expert in finance, cash management, human resources, industrial operations, QHSE, information systems, cybersecurity, etc.
  • experienced in the specificities of certain industries (vital or critical infrastructure, operators of vital importance for example).

He or she will rapidly organize crisis management, mobilize internal and external stakeholders, conduct a flash diagnosis of the situation, manage communication, and more importantly implement an actions plan with your teams to resolve the situation.

The interim manager will also make sure that lessons are learnt from the crisis and suggest ways to improve your early warnings and crisis management processes in the future.

The scope of the interim manager's work may include the implementation of a business continuity plan (BCP) or a business recovery plan, the objective of which is to recover the initial situation as quickly as possible and enable your company to operate normally again.

Throughout the assignment, our interim manager is supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

MANAGERIM operates in crisis management:

  • in all positions: General Management, Finance, Information Systems, Human Resources, Payroll, Legal, Communication, Industrial Operations, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, etc.
  • in various situations of financial crisis management (downsizing, restructuring, turnaround, etc.), industrial crisis (following accidents, incidents, fire, etc.), social crisis (strike, Employment Protection Plan - PSE, etc.), quality crisis management, etc.

  • Are you facing a crisis situation?
  • Are you looking for an interim manager who is immediately available to help you overcome a difficult situation?