Interim Management in Switzerland

The interim management firm MANAGERIM provides you with interim managers in Switzerland.

All our interim managers have been carefully selected after a rigorous and demanding process.

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Many companies of all sizes (start-ups, SMEs, medium-sized companies, large groups, investment funds) and in all sectors (industry, retail, services, etc.) based in Switzerland are faced with emergency situations or the need to transform rapidly.

Interim management is now recognized as a managerial solution to meet such challenges and drive change.

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MANAGERIM, cabinet expert en management de transition, mobilise rapidement pour ses clients en Suisse (à Genève, Zurich ou Bâle…) le manager de transition au profil le plus adapté à la situation concernée.

Our interim managers have developed a solid track record of intervention in various situations in:

• relay/interim management - replacement of a manager on short notice

• operational reinforcement

• project management

• performance improvement

• process optimization

• crisis management

• restructuring and turnaround

• transformation management

• growth acceleration

• launch of a new activity

• integration of an acquisition

• managing a carve out

• company digitalization

Our vast community of experts brings together interim managers, executives and leaders in all functions of the company, in top and middle management and in diverse sectors of activity.

Our interim managers are men and women selected after a rigorous and demanding process, as much for their expertise as for their interpersonal skills.

Economic dynamism in Switzerland

Switzerland, with 8.3 million inhabitants, has the 19th largest GDP in the world, but ranks second in nominal GDP per capita. The Swiss economy is among the most prosperous and developed in the world, even though Switzerland is very poor in raw materials and has no fossil fuels (although 25% of the world's commodity trade is conducted in Switzerland).

  • Bern, the fifth largest city with just over 140,000 inhabitants, is the seat of the government and the main federal institutions.
  • Zurich, Switzerland's most populous city with over 400,000 inhabitants, is the country's economic capital and main banking center.
  • Geneva, the country's second largest city with more than 200,000 inhabitants, is home to many international organizations, non-governmental organizations, private banks and watchmaking companies.
  • Basel, the third largest city, is home to numerous pharmaceutical industries and the world headquarters of the Bank for International Settlements.

Oriented towards services with banking and insurance, tourism and transport, as well as industry with precision mechanics and industrial specialties, the country produces mainly high value-added goods and is one of the most open economies in the world.

The main Swiss export sectors are

  • machine tools
  • chemicals and pharmaceuticals and precision instruments
  • watches and jewelry

Among the main trading partners are France and Italy, and more broadly the European Union, which receives nearly 60% of exports.

Like most European countries, Switzerland is essentially a country of SMEs with fewer than 500 employees, a phenomenon reinforced by the development of the service sector.

Among the developed countries, Switzerland is distinguished by a secondary sector that is a major source of employment. The importance of industry for the country can be explained by its industrialization model, which is based above all on an industry oriented towards foreign markets and sectors with high added value, such as

  • the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • metallurgy
  • mechanical engineering (machines, electrical/electronic equipment, fine mechanics, optics, watches and machinery)

The majority of jobs are in the tertiary sector and continue to grow in this area, notably thanks to the importance of the education system, the health system, financial activities, insurance, transport and so-called consulting companies.

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