Temporary Operational Reinforcement of a Team


Provide temporary operational reinforcement to your teams to cope with a peak of activity

Facing occasional situations of overload

A site or a department sometimes has to face an unprecedented peak of activity. Whatever the reasons (period of strong growth, launch of a new activity, major new contract, period of closing of accounts, accumulated delays or management of a crisis...), this overload can sometimes unbalance an organization or put a team under tension.

The interim management: a solution to temporarily reinforcing a team

MANAGERIM offers a rapid reaction force and intervenes in such situations of resource tensions by temporarily strengthening the concerned team with an interim manager with the appropriate expertise.

This solution allows you to secure the situation and pass it on more serenely.

MANAGERIM identifies and mobilizes in a very reactive way the interim manager the most adapted to your challenges, within its community of interim managers.

Expert in the position at stake, he/she intervenes in a specific scope of missions and responsibilities. Rapidly adaptable, agile and experienced in this type of situation, the interim manager's priority is to strengthen the team on the ground. With strong interpersonal and listening skills, he/she contributes to the quality of teamwork.

The manager provides expertise and a fresh perspective to go well beyond simple reinforcement and to change practices, by proposing and implementing measurable actions of performance improvement, thus generating strong added value for the position or department concerned.

Throughout the assignment, our interim manager is supported by one of our partners, who guarantees the quality of the assignment and the methodology developed by MANAGERIM.

MANAGERIM operates in all positions: General Management, Finance, Information Systems, Human Resources, Payroll, Legal, Industrial Operations, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment…

  • Are you facing a peak of activity?
  • Do you lack a skill or a talent?
  • Are you looking for an interim manager immediately available to provide temporary "hands-on" support to your teams?